After School Drop In Center 

541 Wyoming AVe, Scranton (corner of Olive & Wyoming), 2nd Floor, enter on Wyoming Ave, door at the base of the wheelchair ramp 


For any Teen looking for a safe space to hang out and have some fun!

SOME limitations apply for COVID19 protection. 

  • food and drinks 

  • computers/printer for homework

  • Rest, relaxation & fun

  • library

  • and more! 

  • Volunteers NEEDED!



2021-2022 Wish List

 (Updated January 25, 2022)


Snacks: cookies (prepackaged or mixes- chocolate chip, chocolate, snickerdoodles, Oreos, Keebler cookies, butter cookies, Rice Krispy treats), chips (lunch box size, not full size), fruit snacks, candy (avoid peanuts), tortilla chips, individually wrapped candy, crackers, graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate bars, marshmallows, hot sauce, mild salsa, goldfish crackers.


Drinks: flavored bottled water, Capri Suns, powdered drinks such Kool-Aid, lemonade, individual packets of flavored powder for water bottles, Hershey’s syrup (both chocolate & strawberry), NO carbonated drinks.


Miscellaneous food items: vegetable oil, olive oil, garlic salt & garlic powder, red pepper flakes, salsa (mild, not medium or hot), white rice, potato boxed like au gratin, hash browns, hot chocolate mix, Bisquick, pizza crust dry mix & pizza sauce, pepperoni slices, salad dressings, Sweet Pickle Relish, breath mints, canned ham, canned turkey, Manwich, chili, stew


Clothing: NEW ONLY- School uniform pants (khaki color jogger style with elastic ankles at Boscov’s Young Men’s section)), all sizes. 


Laundry supplies: color catchers, fabric softener, stain remover, bleach.

Personal Care products: hair picks, tiny clear or black rubber bands (no colored rubber bands), ethnic hair shampoo, conditioner, oils, gels, pomade, nail polish remover, acne products like witch hazel, Aztec Secret Clay mask, Cetaphil cleanser, Nivea cream, gentle face wash, face scrub, aftershave, body spray like Axe or Calgon feminine spray. We could also use unscented products like bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. We do NOT need any trial/travel size items, or toothbrushes or toothpaste. We do not need feminine products.

Cleaning supplies: tall kitchen garbage bags, 30, 39 & 42 gallon black lawn bags, dishwasher detergent pods or liquid, spray air fresheners, Lysol spray, liquid dish soap, fabric cleaner, Scotch guard protection, disposable rubber gloves, disposable masks, disinfectant wipes, paper towels

Miscellaneous items- facial tissue in boxes, computer paper, small cutting boards, cookie sheet pans, plastic 'to go' containers with lids that securely close, reusable grocery bags, Swiffer duster replacements, Libman mop head replacements, Hot Hands & Hot Toes packs


2 vinyl/pleather/leather love seats

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